It always amazes me when Apple releases their earnings report. For a company that claims to be beating out projections quarter after quarter and constantly topping their previous year's sales ... how is their market share dropping? With how many devices they sell, shouldn't everyone one earth have at least 15 Mac… » 10/20/14 8:31pm Monday 8:31pm

I've often said the same thing about companies posting their content immediately after. I never understood the purpose of waiting a week or in some cases, months. For me personally, I'd log onto their website or a streaming website the next time almost every time. But since they never post their content, I'm… » 9/26/14 5:46am 9/26/14 5:46am

It would actually be pretty incredibly difficult. You'd have to find a safe place to set up camp and then have to keep it safe while you're constructing that wall. You obviously have no access to concrete or the supplies to lay the concrete and so you'd have to try to build it with other materials (like cars). » 9/22/14 4:44pm 9/22/14 4:44pm

If an officer asks for your ID ... show them your ID. If you have nothing to hide, it will not matter. I see this happen all the time outside of bars and clubs. The people that comply typically aren't bothered anymore. The ones that don't and put up a piff are usually considered suspicious. » 9/15/14 8:21am 9/15/14 8:21am

I don't think I'd be so quick to dismiss this as a completely terrible idea. Prison systems cost a lot to taxpayers and, particularly in areas around where I live, the prisons are very well furnished and maintained. To the point where if you're really struggling, it's worth the petty crime for a comfortable bed and… » 9/10/14 4:24pm 9/10/14 4:24pm

There actually has been some light mention of crime sprees and unexplained violence on some of the TVs and on the radio, but it's easily overlooked. I think that the series is happening so far in such a quick time-span and so the city really hasn't had the chance to relay a lot of the information. » 9/01/14 4:59pm 9/01/14 4:59pm

While it's certainly possible that someone is guessing-and-checking account information, it's extremely unlikely. You'd have to be a really, really, REALLY good guesser to be able to do that with any amount of accuracy. Even if you were to get a hold of their login name, there are brute force login protocols in… » 9/01/14 1:12pm 9/01/14 1:12pm

I think it's really just a matter of confusion. Ra's would be dead after Batman Begins, which would mean that Arrow has to technically take place before that. Since elements of Arrow sort of mimic Nolan's Batman series, it'd be kind of weird to see Ra's come and try to destroy Starling City only to later go destroy… » 9/01/14 8:47am 9/01/14 8:47am